Designing User Interactions with AI:
Servant, Master or Symbiosis

Alan Dix

Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales, UK

Talk at The AI Summit London, 22nd Sept. 2021.

Download notes of the talk (PDF, 2.4M)


All AI ultimately affects people, in some cases deeply buried, in others interacting directly with users whether physically, such as autonomous vehicles, or virtually, such as recommender systems. In these interactions AI may be a servant, such as Alexa operating on command; or AI may be the master, such as gig-work platforms telling workers what to do. However, potentially the most productive interactions are a symbiosis, human and AI complimenting one another. Designing human-in-the-loop systems changes the requirements of both AI algorithms and user interfaces. This talk will explore some of the design principles and examples in this exciting area.

Key Takeaways:
Deterministic ground
– helping users know what may or may not adapt
Appropriate intelligence
– tuning AI to offer human alternatives and fail well
Epistemic interaction
– choosing user interactions that are informative for ML

Keywords: user interface, artificial intelligence, design, machine learning, deterministic ground, appropriate intelligence, alien intelligence, Epistemic interaction



Designing User Interactions with AI: Servant, Master or Symbiosis. from Alan Dix





Alan Dix 16/9/2021