Maps with Meaning

Alan Dix

Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales, UK

Presented at MAPII 2022 -- Map-based Interfaces and Interactions. 7th June 2022, Rome, Italy.

Download position paper (PDF, 9.1M)


Maps are not mere simulacra of the ground, but imbued with meaning. This is true at a geopolitical scale, but even more so for local community mapping. However, whilst digital mapping has made it easy to embed and customise maps in local websites or printed resources, it also runs the risk of de-humanising these resources, replacing rich meaning with unnecessary precision. This paper explores examples of how meaning can sit alongside the digital in map-based interactions. It then uses this backdrop to consider new challenges to help a living community where their physical village has been all but obliterated.

Keywords: local empowerment, co-production, mental models, map-based interfaces






Alan Dix 14/5/2022