Interface Engineering for UX Professionals

Alan Dix

Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales, UK

Paper at HCI-E2: Workshop on HCI Engineering Education – for developers, designers and more, IFIP WG 2.7/13.4 and WG 13.1 joint workshop at INTERACT 2021, Bari, Italy – August 31st, 2021

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This paper describes a small unit for teaching interface implementation to user experience (UX) designers. Where human–computer interaction (HCI) textbooks and courses include aspects of user interface engineering, they are usually focused towards computer science students. The unit described here is part of a larger online HCI course where the majority of learners are UX professionals, who found it hard to understand why they needed to learn about implementation. The paper explains why the author felt it im-portant to include aspects that help the UX designer understand the behav-ioural and practical implications of ‘low level’ coding, and also the ele-ments included in the unit. The resulting unit includes many concrete ex-amples linking user behaviour to internal structure and having produced the material, it seems that this may also be a good way to introduce the topic to more technical students before digging into lower level details.

Keywords: user experience, implementation, events, networks, Seeheim, MVC


Interface Engineering for UX Professionals from Alan Dix





Alan Dix 29/7/2021