Stubnitz - this moment lasts forever


stranded on the quay side
broken flaking paint
a small wood ship that once sailed free
now ploughs rock and cement

dead barnacles still coat her hull
the keel sweeps proud
remembers the caress of waves
longing to return

further on the quayside
a giant anchor lies
steadfastly holding firm
to a broken rusty chain


still floating on the water
amongst the cranes and sails
Stubnitz another aging hulk
remembers former days

she steamed upon the Baltic sea
the ice flows and the swell
storm and winds and fog and rain
and calm unsettling breeze

with dead fish piled on the deck
and frozen fish below
full holds that fed the city's life
torn from an ocean hell


with quotas and cheap imports
her fishing days long past
though never sailing far away
she keeps a secret life

in the dark of evening
the city deep asleep
like waves and gulls and calm and storm
she shudders to her beat

and as the people troop aboard
their hands are stamped STRENG GEHEIN!
as if the things they do within
should never be revealed
as if the things we feel within
should never be revealed


in depths of darkened decks
corrosion holds new birth
where frozen fish were held below
fevered bodies writhe

the call of sea-worn sailors
becomes a bass refrain
as if the heart of Rostock
beat with human flesh

life it is a dance we make
of passion and desire
like gentle fingers on my face
and steel deck below


although we met at midnight
we parted with the dawn
it's hard to say a last goodbye
when threads of life are tied

I walked along the river quay
in clear light of day
music from the circus tent
and waves beat a different key

the tiger pacing in its cage
we catch each others eye
beautiful to look at
and dangerous to hold
dangerous to think about
but tempting me to try


as I recall the Stubnitz
the fish, the storm, the dance
it says hold fast the heart within
and never be afraid

it may be just the wine we drank
and maybe it's the beer
but all that seems important now
we're together and we're here

maybe some day we'll meet again
most likely we shall not
but one thing I am certain of
this moment lasts forever
the one thing that can never change
this moment lasts forever

words written after visit to Rostock

... subject to change

a ballad to the tune of a sea shanty or drinking song ... with rock rhythms!

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Alan Dix © 2002