anthem of the memory of love


like the whirlpools of the Hellespont
      enchanting silver seas flow all around me
white gulls sing their golden tunes
      anthems of the memory of love

white spray flecking on my face
      dolphins jumping fickle as the one I knew
and the sun on the bright green hills
      reminds me of the way I fell in love

in summertime when you are young
      anything can happen then
dreams float along
enticing as the hemlock leaf
but in summertime when you are young
      love like a muddy pool all dries away

and like the fool I am
      I tried to tell you what I felt for you
but in the flashing lights you cried and ran away

though now I am too old to cry
      the memory still haunts my dreams
mem'ry that after summer suns
      come autumn winds
      and winter's
      on its

song written when I was quite young looking back ...

not at the first time I fell in love - I was always a very romantic child falling in love since I was five

... but about the first time it hurt.

Alan Dix © 1976, 2002