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This page is basically the annotated bibliography from my chapter in Monk and Gilbert (1995) and from Dix et al. (1998) with the odd extra bit. Please tell me about things that ought to be in here.

See also my other research topics pages, many of which involve some element of formal methods.

For wider formal methods research in computing see the formal methods pages of the WWW Virtual Library.


A. Dix, J. Finlay, G. Abowd and R. Beale (1998/1993).
Chapters 8 and 9, Human-Computer Interaction.
Prentice Hall. second edition



Conferences and Journals

Selected papers


Formal methods have been particularly useful in addressing issues of undo. Here are a few papers to read. In addition, see Chapter 2 and 4 of (Dix, 1991) and Chapter 12 of (Thimbleby, 1990) and my topics page on undo.


As well as the following, see Chapter 8 of (Dix et al., 1993) which describes dialogue properties in more detail and any book on UIMS.

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