Alan Dix - Human-Computer Interaction: post-millennial models

human context strand

Wed 21st am,Thurs 22nd pm and Fri 23rd pm

This strand is focused on ways in which we can understand human interactions taking into account the factors human and physical outside of the computer system itself. As well as traditional techniques such as task analysis and scenarios, we will look at the ways in which task analysis can be extended to include the ways in which humans interact with the physical environment. Many ubiquitous computing applications are very different from traditional ones and we will also consider how models of human activity are challenged by these applications.


  slides on scenarios as PPT (46K) or PDF (34K)
  the material will largely be covered by chapter 5 in the new HCI book
  download draft of new chapter 5 (PDF, 504K)
  Nuclear scenario is available as full scenario (PDF, 138K) and analysis (PDF, 11K)
  the architectural scenario about onCue is available in HTML or PDF (788Kb)

task analysis

  slides focused on Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) as PPT (390K) or PDF (113K)
  more on task analysis in chapter 7 of (old) HCI book
  also new collection in the final stages of production:
The Handbook of Task Analysis for Human-Computer Interaction.
D. Diaper & N. Stanton (eds.). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003

rich work ecologies

  slides on rich work ecologies as PPT (1.2Mb) or as PDF (77K)
  this will also be covered in chapter 18 of (new) HCI 3e book
  download draft of new chapter 18 (PDF, 310K)
  it is based on a keynote "Managing the Ecology of Interaction" at Tamodea 2002
  there is a chapter on trigger in Dan's new TA collection:
A. Dix, D. Ramduny-Ellis, J. Wilkinson (2003).
Trigger Analysis - understanding broken tasks.

understanding interaction

  slides on interaction modelling (GOMS, Norman) in PPT (46K)
  slides on incidental interaction in PPT (269K)
  GOMs in chap 6 (old) HCI book and Norman cycle in chap 3.
  stuff on intention also covered in chapter 18 of (new) HCI 3e book
  download draft of new chapter 18 (PDF, 310K)
  also see my incidental interaction pages