Alan Dix - Human-Computer Interaction: post-millennial models

at the edge

Thurs 29th am and pm

The final part of the course will deal with some issues that are at the edge, but likely to become central, in computer systems design. As well as being useful and usable, systems must be used by people ... and for this they must want to use them. We will therefore look at how to design engaging experiences and also how to design systems that firm in with the users own values. As part of this final part, we will also look at general issues of innovation and creative research how to produce new ideas that are innovate and yet actually solve problems! This is important for all research, problem solving and novel product development in industry.

designing experience

  slides on value in PPT (94K) ... to come
  slides on crackers and marketing in PPT (135K) and PDF (958K) from talk I did called absolutely crackers at computers and fun workshop 2001
  aspects of this will be in chapters 3 the (new) HCI e3 Book
  download draft of new chapter 3 (PDF, 597K)
 talked a little about marketing and that what you say about artefacts changes them as products. You can see more about this in my interfaces article artefact + marketing = product
  crackers design and realated issues are covered in more details my chapter "deconstructing experience - pulling crackers apart" in the new Funology collection:
Funology: From Usability to Enjoyment. M. Blythe, K. Overbeeke, A. Monk and P. Wright (eds.) Dordrecht, the Netherlands: Kluwer, 2003
  designing for value, the timetableing example, please chase me to put this online
  earlier in the week I discussed the HCI book search another case study of designing user value
  and of course don't foget to send a virtual cracker from

innovation and creativity

  slides on planning for innovation and justification vs. evlauation as PPT (46K)
  slides on gathering literature and broadening PPT (48K) and PDF (70K)
  slides on teaching innovation (ant vs. flea innovation, multiclassification, bad ideas, etc.) PPT (287K).
These were part of keynote talks on teaching innovation, e-learning etc. at Excellence in Education and Training convention. at Singapore Polytechnic, May 2002
  I should write up all of the above as text, so again please chase me to do this
  more on this kind of thing on my pages on research techniques