Alan Dix - Human-Computer Interaction: post-millennial models

basics of HCI and cognition

Tues May 20th am and pm

I will assume no previous knowledge and so start the course with a very brief ‘lightening’ overview of HCI as a design discipline and as a research field. However, if you have some previous knowledge of HCI I hope this will still be of interest. In this part I will also cover some issues in visual perception and about temporal issues of the human and interaction. This is largely done as an example of the way deeper psychological knowledge can inform our understanding.

lightening introduction

  slides for lightening introduction (PPT, 254K)
  the material will largely be covered by chapter 5 in the new HCI book
  download draft of new chapter 5 (PDF, 504K)

vision 3D and colour

  slides on colour (PPT, 81K), 3D vision (PPT, 156K)
  lots about colour theory at


  slides on time (PPT, 81K)
  also see my time web pages