Modelling Versions in Collaborative Work

Alan Dix
School of Computing
Staffordshire University
Stafford, ST18 0DG, UK.
Tom Rodden and Ian Sommerville
Cooperative Systems Engineering Group,
Department of Computing
Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YR, UK.

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A. Dix, T. Rodden and I. Sommerville (1997).
Modelling Versions in Collaborative Work. (in press) IEE Proceedings in Software Engineering.


This paper addresses the problem of version management for cooperative systems. We first describe a basic version model a domain model capturing the idea of a version and the relationships between versions, whether electronic or physical, implicitly or explicitly stored. This is a 'modal' model in that it takes into account the context of use of these versions. The model is then extended to model version managers, which are both versioned entities themselves and also include their own models of versions. Finally, we see how V-Web, a system for versioning web pages, fits within the framework of our model.

Alan Dix 7/7/97