Moments of Significance
the meanings of event: enablement, initiation, completion


Alan Dix

Cristina Chisalita

Gerrit van der Veer


In Proceedings of Tamodia 2003, part of Human Computer Interaction, International 2003.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003.

Full reference:
A. Dix, C. Chisalita and G. van der Veer (2003). Moments of Significance - the meanings of event: enablement, initiation, completion. In Tamodia 2003, part of Universal Access in HCI, Volume 4 of Proceedings of HCI International 2003. C. Stephandis (ed.). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003. pp. 1519-1523
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Alan's pages on status event analysis and Gerrit's pages on Groupware Task Analysis

keywords: events, triggers, groupware task analysis, status-event analysis


This paper examines the nature of events within task analysis. It draws on three roots: Groupware Task Analysis, Trigger Analysis and Status-Event Analysis. Each of these considers events and the way these enable or initiate activities, but they have subtly different understandings of these. Analysing both these distinctions and also the common features between them has lead to a deeper theoretical understanding of the ontological nature of events (and their relationship to activities/tasks), the attributes of these events (e.g. whether they originate internal/external to the task context), and the relationship between the events and tasks (e.g. different kinds of enablement/triggering).

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Alan Dix 7/2/2003