dark lancaster

Alan Dix, Kiel Gilleade, Masitah Ghazali, Jane Holt, Simon Lock, Jennifer Sheridan

Computing Department, Infolab21 Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
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presented at workshop on "ABUSE the dark side of HCI" at Interact 2005, September 2005, Roma, Italy.

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In this position paper we'll outline a few ongoing and planned projects at Lancaster that are not all sweetness and light. In some we are interested in some of the darker aspects of human nature: frustration when things go wrong in order to design games with the right emotional impact; and anger of those seeking jobs in order to help train those who need to defuse fraught situations. In others we deliberately seek to design ‘bad’ situations; pbviously this is necessary to study issues like frustration, but also we design bad things in order to understand what is good! Finally, there are times when good is dark and the bright light of day needs to be shrouded just a little.

Keywords: frustration, video games, cruel design, visceral interaction, subversion, ecampus, public displays, emotional avatars

Full reference:
A. Dix, K, Gilleade, M. Ghazali, J. Holt, S. Lock, J. Sheridan (2005). dark lancaster, in Workshop on "ABUSE the dark side of HCI", Interact 2005


Alan Dix 11/9/2005