imagination and rationality           

Alan Dix
Lancaster University, vfridge and aQtive

Full reference:
A. Dix (2003). imagination and rationality (working Essay). Lancaster University, UK.

This is a short series of essays concerning the relationship between imagination, rationality and story. These are work in progress, so please feel free to comment!

imagination and rationality
(draft essay, PDF, 97K, last updated 2/1/2003)
This looks at the way in which both rationality and imagination acts as a point of meeting between different kinds of intelligence. Whilst rational thinking does this by abstracting the understanding of different intelligences, imagination does this linking by making virtual experiences apparently sensed and thus allows different intelligences to 'see' the imagined experience.

vivid imagination
(draft essay, PDF, 52K, last updated 2/1/2003)
How is it that we have developed imagination? This essay looks at possible origins of our ability to create very vivid imagination that seems to feed deep semantic imaginings into sensual experience.


Alan Dix 3/7/2003