Physicality, rationality and imagination


Alan Dix


Keynote presentation at - Interacción 2004, Lleida, España, 5-7th May 2004

Full reference:
A. Dix (2003). Physicality, rationality and imagination. Keynote at - Interacción 2004, Lleida, España, 5-7th May 2004
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I explore some of the interactions between evolutionary psychology and cognition in several essays including imagination and rationality and driving as a cyborg experience
The relationship between cavemen, leg length and delays in file renaming are in a short paper called natural time
More about bad ideas, creativity and innovation techniques in my pages on research and innovation
More about the Wason card test and counting teddy bears in "Being Playful – learning from children", the keynote I did at Interaction Design and Children 2003
Analysis of everyday appliances and physical design described in Aladdin's lamp: understanding new from old
This work is being done as part of the project
I also mention.:thePooch:. ... lots of fun work in performance arts

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This paper describes an ongoing exploration examining the way different aspects of our cognition and physical interactions with the world work together. This will draw on material from several disciplines and will include some well established and some more speculative results. In the talk I'll also discuss how this understanding can influence design both because we can understand users better, but also because we can understand designers!

Keywords: interface design, evolutionary psychology, imagination, creativity, play

Download: full paper (PDF, 149K)

Alan Dix 5/4/2004