Finding Out

event discovery using status-event analysis

Alan Dix

School of Computing, Staffordshire University
PO Box 334, Beaconside, Stafford, ST18 0DG

Full reference:

Alan Dix (1998).
Finding Out - event discovery using status-event analysis
Formal Aspects of Human Computer InteractionFAHCI98, Sheffield, 5th&6th September 1998.

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This paper uses status-event analysis to systematically decompose the process by which the knowledge and effects of events are propagated through a system. The analysis focuses on events - things that happen; status - things that are always there; and agents - affected by events and interacting with each other and status phenomena. Single interactions between these are characterised by the source of event knowledge, the initiator of interaction and the trigger for interaction. This generates a structured set of alternatives by which events are transmitted through chains of interaction. The application of this analysis to notification server design is briefly described.

Keywords: status-event analysis, delays, causality, CSCW, notification
Alan Dix 27/8/98