Understanding Physicality on Desktop: Preliminary Results

Azrina Kamaruddin
Lancaster University, UK.


Alan Dix
Lancaster University, UK

Paper at Physicality 2006, First International Workshop on Physicality. 6-7 February 2006, Lancaster University, UK.

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This paper describes the functionality of desktop from users’ perspectives. The preliminary results update and extend earlier studies carried out in 1985 and 1995. The study is aimed at investigating users’ organizational habits across their workspace by comparing the structure of their document, email and web bookmark. We found that desktop serve more functionality such as availability, permanent location as visibility and security and safety.

Keywords: Desktop, functionality, organizational habits, users' perspectives.

Full reference:
A. Kamaruddin and A. Dix (2006). Understanding Physicality on Desktop: Preliminary Results. In Physicality 2006: First International Workshop on Physicality, M. Ghazali, D. Ramduny-Ellis, E. Hornecker and A. Dix (eds.). pp. 39-41.
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full proceedings available at physicality.org



Alan Dix 13/1/2007