Deconstructing Experience - pulling crackers apart

Alan Dix

Computational Foundry, Swansea University, Wales

Chapter for Funology 2

Download original 2003 chapter (PDF, 102K), additional endnote for this version (PDF, 138K)


This chapter explores deconstruction and reconstruction as a technique for understanding interactive experience and then applying it to the redesign and recreation of experience on new media. It begins by looking at literary analysis where it is normal to dissect texts to understand the techniques they use to achieve aesthetic technique. This is re-enforced by considering an example of graphic design before approaching a more extensive deconstruction of the experience of real Christmas crackers and the reconstruction of that in a web version -virtual crackers. Understanding the facets of deep experience allows a recreation in a new medium.

Keywords: deconstruction and reconstruction, literary analysis, aesthetic experience, design principles
















Alan Dix 13/12/2018