Understanding decisions, intentions and actions a multi-level meta-modal model

Alan Dix, Devina Ramduny-Ellis, Paul Rayson, Ian Sommerville

all at Lancaster University at time of writing

Unpublished manuscript, Lancaster University, 2004.

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This paper presents a formal model designed to help us understand decisions.  We aim to represent the way in which acts affect the world and how decisions create intentions to act.  The model is modal in two ways (i) because we are representing the acts and their consequences and (ii) because we wish to represent multiple alternatives for decisions.  The model distinguishes different classes of decision: decisions to act, decisions to believe and decisions that create policy for future decisions.  In order to create the model we abstract over different kinds of uncertainty, a technique we believe is also novel.

Keywords: decisions, formal model, branching time, modelling uncertainty.






Alan Dix 30/8/2016