Design of user interfaces for the web

Alan Dix

aQtive limited


at time of writing: Staffordshire University
currently: Lancaster University

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Paper presented at UIDIS'99 - User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems. Edinburgh, 5th & 6th September 1999.

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A. Dix (1999). Design of user interfaces for the web. Proceedings of User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems - UIDIS'99, Springer.

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This paper examines several facets of user interface design for the world-wide web. First it considers the use of the web as a platform for prototyping or deploying user interface. Second it looks at guidelines and issues for the design of web sites and the nature of the web medium. Third it examines the way in which interfaces can help users to manage the complexity of the web including history mechanisms and diagrammatic overviews. Leading directly from the last of these is a discussion of the multiple geometries of the web given by links, content and people's browsing. Finally the paper looks at the future of the Internet as an integrative phenomenon. This includes a description of aQtive onCue, an application that integrates Internet services, desktop applications and the user's current work. The long-term future is PopuNET, the network for everyone, everywhere and everywhen, requiring a yet more radical approach.

keywords: world-wide web, user interfaces, browsers, design guidelines, visualisation, hypertext history

Alan Dix 29/9/99