Semantic Halo for Collaboration Tagging Systems

Alan Dix1, Stefano Levialdi2 , Alessio Malizia2

1. Computing Department, Infolab21, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
2. University ?La Sapience? of Rome, Rome, Italy

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Paper at Workshop on the Social Navigation and Community-Based Adaptation Technologies In Conjunction with Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems (AH'06) June 20th, 2006, Dublin, Ireland

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Collaborative tagging systems allow many users to add keywords (tags) to community-shared data items. Recently, collaborative tagging systems, also known as folksonomies, are growing on the web allowing people to annotate content, and then query by submitting keywords or tags. In this paper we define a Semantic Halo, as a set of additional information that can be provided from tagging systems to end users when retrieving user-relevant documents. We analyze the semantic aspects of tagging and provide an algorithm for computing the Semantic Halo of tags. Finally, we show some preliminary results that demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

Keywords: folksonomy, collaborative tagging, latent semantics, Semantic Halo


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Full reference:
A. Dix, S. Levialdi and A. Malizia (2006). Semantic Halo for Collaboration Tagging Systems. in Proceedings of Workshop sheld at the Fourth Interbnational Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems (AH2006), S. Weibelzahl and A. Cristea (eds.) - Workshop on Social Navigation and Community-Based Adaptation Technologies, Lecture Notes in Learning and Teaching, Dublin: National College of ireland. pp.

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Alan Dix 18/6/2006