Interaction with and through the mobile

Alan Dix
Lancaster University

tutorial at MobiKUI2008, First International Workshop on Mobile and Kinetic User Interfaces - Fribourg, Switzerland, 13-14 Oct. 2008

Full reference:
A. Dix (2008). Interaction with and through the mobile. tutorial at MobiKUI2008, First International Workshop on Mobile and Kinetic User Interfaces, Fribourg, Switzerland, 13-14 Oct. 2008.
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I will look at variety of interaction issues surrounding mobile device use. Some of these focus on the mobile itself, the way the particular properties of the mobile require specific design and evaluation heuristics. We will also look at the ways in which interfaces can be sometimes automatically adapted for mobile use and how designing applications first for mobile use can also improve the experience of desktop use.

In the second part of the tutorial we will look towards emerging and future applications looking at the way the mobile is part of a physical space and the opportunities this affords and also at the way mobile devices can be used in combination with public displays such as those increasingly found in city centres.

Keywords: mobile usability, mobile devices, usability heuristics, public displays

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Alan Dix 11/10/2008