Mobile Personal Devices meet Situated Public Displays:
Synergies and Opportunities

Alan Dix, Corina Sas

Computing Department, Infolab21, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK

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published in International Journal of Ubiquitous Computing (IJUC), Vol 1, No 1.

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This paper examines the potential synergy between now ubiquitous mobile personal devices and the growing number of situated public displays. The aim is to map out the broad territory rather than present a specific interaction technique or application. A design space analysis covers many areas including the purpose and use of the personal device both for input and as an additional display surface alongside the public display; the physical size of the public screen and its placement; physical movement and contact during interaction; and the social context of interaction. This design framework is used to analyse potential issues, problems and requirements in particular those involving conflicts between individual interaction and 'audience' experience, where the audience includes passers-by and bystanders around the public screen. The framework also helps to identify and frame a number of design strategies, some deliberately hiding aspects of interaction using the personal device and others doing the opposite, seeking to expose interaction through physical movement or on-screen content.

Keywords: public displays, private devices, design space


Full reference:
A. Dix and C. Sas (2010) Mobile Personal Devices meet Situated Public Displays: Synergies and Opportunities. International Journal of Ubiquitous Computing (IJUC), 1(1), pp. 11-28.
about this paper:
This paper arose out of a tutorial "Interaction with and through the mobile" that Alan gave at MobiKUI2008, First International Workshop on Mobile and Kinetic User Interfaces, Fribourg, Switzerland, 13-14 Oct. 2008. The tutorial itself was partly based on earlier papers (below).
Also important as an inspiration of the current paper was the CHI08 Workshop on Designing and evaluating mobile phone-based interaction with public displays, Florence, 5th April 2008
Small meets Large: earlier internal discussion paper, Lancaster University, Jan. 2005.
Public displays and private devices: A design space analysis. in the CHI'08 workshop covering earlier version of some of the work in this paper
A taxonomy for and analysis of multi-person-display ecosystems. Paper with Lucia Terrenghi and Aaron Quigley doing a design space analysis focused more broadly on multi-display systems.


Alan Dix 20/2/2009 (revised 19/8/2011)