Understanding Interaction in Ubiquitous Guerrilla Performances in Playful Arena


Jennifer Sheridan, Alan Dix, Simon Lock

Lancaster University, UK
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Alice Bayliss

University of Leeds, UK
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Paper presented at HCI2004, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, 6-10 September, 2004.

Full reference:
J. Sheridan, A. Dix, S. Lock and A. Bayliss (2004). Understanding Interaction in Ubiquitous Guerrilla Performances in Playful Arena. Proceedings of HCI2004, Springer-Verlag. pp. 3-18.

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The inherent freedom of playful arenas combined with intimate ubiquitous technologies has led to a new breed of guerrilla performance. We draw on theory from computing, performance and club culture to illustrate the Performance Triad model, a method for the analysis, deconstruction and understanding of tripartite interaction in playful arenas. We then apply the Performance Triad model to Schizophrenic Cyborg a part reversal of wearable computing technology where the user is outfitted with an electronic communication display and yet this display is visible to others not the cyborgs themselves. This ubiquitous performance investigates the shifting boundaries between performer, participant and observer and of technology-enhanced guerrilla performance.

Keywords: Wearable computing, Computing Intimacies, Ubiquitous computing, Performance art, Playful arenas, Tripartite interaction, Performance Triad Model.

Alan Dix 6/6/2004