Getting to Know
the design space for notification servers

Devina Ramduny, Alan Dix
School of Computing
Staffordshire University
Stafford, ST18 0DG, UK.
email: {D.Ramduny,A.J.Dix}
Tom Rodden
Computing Department, SECaMS
Lancaster University, Lancaster UK

Full reference:

D. Ramduny, A. Dix and T. Rodden (1998).
Getting to Know: the design space for notification servers.
Proceedings of CSCW'98. ACM Press. pp. 227-235

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Issues of notification and awareness have become increasingly important in CSCW. A taxonomy of the design space for notification servers is presented, based on theoretical results from status­event analysis. This provides a framework and vocabulary to compare and discuss different notification mechanisms and thus improve design. The paper shows that notification servers are often ideally placed to provide impedance matching providing an appropriate pace of feedthrough for the user, allowing them to see changes to shared objects in a timely manner. Finally, the paper describes GtK (Getting to Know) an experimental notification server currently being extended to support impedance matching.

keywords: Collaborative applications, feedthrough, awareness, status-event analysis, initiative, mediation, notification server, protocol, impedance matching, Java

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Alan Dix 30/3/98