Cooperation without (reliable) Communication:
Interfaces for Mobile Applications

Alan Dix

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A. J. Dix (1995).
Cooperation without (reliable) Communication: Interfaces for Mobile Applications.
Distributed Systems Engineering, 2(3): pp. 171-181.

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The design of effective collaborative applications on mobile platforms has many problems. Wireless networks are fast enough that one aspires to true interactive applications, but too slow for much real-time feedback. This is exacerbated by the variability due to interference and broken connections. Mobile computing using wireless communications thus sits in a grey area between different styles of interaction. This paper examines these problems using concepts developed to understand general user interaction and computer-supported cooperative work. In particular, it will focus on the conflict between feedback for each user, awareness and feedthrough of the effect of each users actions to others, and the consistency of shared information during periods of disconnection.

Keywords user interfaces, HCI, network delays, pace, mobile computing Alan Dix 8/12/2001